About Us

Saving lives in austere environments through search, rescue and education…

Founded in 2014 , Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team (AMRT) serves as a search and rescue (SAR) resource for the southern Appalachian mountains and beyond. AMRT is qualified in technical rescue modalities, including wilderness/backcountry SAR, snow and ice, and technical rock terrain, with a specialization in climbing-based rescue in all weather conditions. AMRT accomplishes its purpose through actual SAR operations, education and advocacy of best practices in search and rescue.

Our Team

– All members are doctors, medics and/or have extensive technical rescue training for lost person behavior, high-angle and low-angle terrain SAR operations.

– We do it because we love helping those in need!

– While rescue is our expertise, we also provide training and certification to other teams all over the Southeast.

Ready to Serve

If you or a loved one is lost or in danger in a remote area, AMRT is here to help. We are specialists who are able to access technical areas that other search and rescue teams may not.

If you are part of a team that is in need of training. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today by clicking the button below. We take great pride in helping other teams grow to full service rescue groups.

AMRT Responds in a 250 Mile Radius of Asheville, NC